NY Events List Tutorial


Preparation Checklist
Before you begin creating your event on NYEventsList.com, you will want to have the following information at hand:
•	NYEventsList.com login: Organizer email address for whomever is leading the event (ie: [email protected] ... ) to use for creating or logging in to your event's NYEventsList account
•	Name and time of each session at the event. Are any sessions specific to certain Officer Roles?
•	seating capacity for each session
•	price for registration
•	if the event is free-to-register-but-pay-cash-at-the-door, you'll want to say so in the event description
•	Any questions you want to ask each registrant online when they register (ie: their club name+number, their officer role, do they want to volunteer to help, special needs, etc) 
contact [email protected] for any help.