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World Experience Summit 2024

Jun 12, 2024 - 01:00 PM - Jun 14, 10:00 PM
World Experience Organization
House of Yes
2, Wyckoff Ave

ZIP: 11237

Ticket Price: USD 495.00 - USD 1995.00

The World Experience Summit 2024 is a three-day, in-person gathering from 12-14 June 2024 in New York City.
Experience Economy pioneers from around the globe and all sectors will come together to define the future of experiences.

Experience designers, creators, commissioners, operators, investors, producers, promoters, and thinkers from across all 25 sectors of the Experience Economy will:

- Connect and collaborate with Experience Economy experts
- Discover radical yet practical ideas about the Art, Science and Business of experiences
- Learn how to stage more successful, profitable, impactful, and sustainable experiences
- Meet future partners, clients, and collaborators

On behalf of the 600+ members of the World Experience Organization, we look forward to seeing you there.

Why Attend?

1. CONNECT With Experts
The Summit is the opposite of a 'them vs us' keynote conference. Instead, it's a community. Connect over coffee, in workshops, or in debate at the Unconference.

2. LEARN New Tools
Upgrade your 'Experience Toolkit' with insights, tools, techniques and tips from leaders in the Art, Science, and Business of experiences.

3. SHARE Ideas
Share your frameworks and your f**k-ups, your challenges and questions, your experiments and passion projects - and then get feedback and support from an inclusive, non-competitive, very collaborative community.

4. MEET Partners
Digital is awesome, but nothing beats real life connections. Reconnect with old friends. Meet new investors. Explore future collaborations.

What's On?

Experience Workshops:
Learn how to design, make, operate, pitch, and promote successful experiences at workshops run by some of the world's leading experience experts.

The Unconference:
A huge success last year! There's more emerging practice than best practice in the Experience Economy - so everyone's invited to share their case studies, failures, and opinions. Start a discussion or have a rant. Share a new approach, try out a new idea, or teach a technique.

Big Ideas, Weird Ideas, Experience Trends:
TED-style (and shorter!) talks on the Art, Science, Business, Tech and Impact of Experiences. Speakers range from famous experience creators to up-and-coming live-wires you haven't heard of yet.

Experiential Socials:
The best connections and most business decisions happen at the bar or on the dancefloor. There will be plenty of opportunities to hang out, dress up, dress down, and even - because the neuroscience is hard to ignore - dance and sing.

Speed-Dating and Match-Making:
Anyone for gamified, experiential networking? From curated to 100% free-flow, there'll be plenty of opportunities to connect with the experience community.

Immersive Experiences:
Visit a handpicked selection of New York's most exciting experiences with your new experience friends. After, we'll analyse the good and the bad of what you saw, and which techniques you might use in your own work.

Who Should Come?

1. Leaders and Investors
CEO, CFO, CXO, Venture Partner, SVP, EVP, Founder, Author, Professor, Head of Events, Head of CX, Chef de Projet, Director of Strategy, VP of Experiential

2. Designers and Operators
Immersive Experience Designer, Creative Technologist, Exec Producer, Game Designer, Director, Interactive Art Director, Light Artist, Storyteller

3. Producers and Promoters
Curator, Visitor Experience Manager, VP of Marketing, Head of Growth, Sales Director, Brand Strategist


Day Pass (Solo): USD 495.00,
Day Pass (Creative): USD 795.00,
Day Pass (VIsionary): USD 995.00,
General Admission Pass (Solo): USD 995.00,
General Admission Pass (Creative): USD 1495.00,
General Admission Pass (Visionary): USD 1995.00

Speaker Details

Heather Gallagher - Executive Unicorn and former Head of Tech at Burning Man, Abraham Burickson - Director of Odyssey Works, an experimental performance group that creates personalised, immersive experiences., Katherine Templar-Lewis - Director of Kinda Studios, a neuroaesthetics studio that sits between the creative arts and neuroscience, Joe Pine - Experience Economy Godfather and author of The Experience Economy. , Mishawn Nolan - Co-Founder of Nolan Heimann LLP., Nancy Duncan - Experience designer, creative consultant and pitch doctor, Paul Bulencea - Co-Founder, College of Extraordinary Experiences and Order of the Wild, Leigh Sachwitz - Founder and Creative Director, floraandfaunavisions., Brad Shelton - VP of Creative and Story and Director of Strategy, BRC Imagination Arts., Christopher Morrison - Founder, Reality+. , Mat Duerden - Introducing a brand new concept – experience intelligence (XQ) – and a new framework for experience design (XD), Brett Bagenstose - Baron of Pixels, NeoPangea.

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