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Workforce L&D

Nov 15, 2021 - 08:00 AM
BLR Events
Renaissance Nashville
611 Commerce St,

ZIP: 37203
Phone: 800-274-6774

In today’s fast-paced workplace—where schedules are packed, and attention spans are short—it’s imperative that organizations—regardless of size—develop training programs that will align with shifting workforce dynamics and leverage the latest science-backed tactics. But budget and bandwidth can be barriers to implementation. Consider that 84 percent of companies create training materials in house, according to BLR’s 2020 Learning & Development Trends Report. And many organizations lack the resources to have a dedicated team of instructional designers and learning specialists on hand to optimize training efforts. So, what can you do to position your learning and development program—and, in turn, your company—for success? At Workforce L&D 2020, you’ll learn from the nation’s top learning and development professionals on how to build superior training and professional development programs that support business growth, innovation, and workforce retention. The 2020 agenda features cutting-edge strategies for creating, implementing and managing your L&D initiatives so you are sure to see a more productive and attritionproof workforce, fewer costly incidents caused by inadequate training, and a healthier bottom line.

When you attend this leading event, you will learn how to:
  • Develop a world-class onboarding process that increases new hires’ likelihood of success throughout the first year of employment
  • Identify and apply the latest digital and mobile technologies to your eLearning solutions
  • Evaluate learning style inventories and apply scenario-based learning so you can discern how to present and deliver training to your workforce of adult learners
  • Train supervisors and managers to resolve day-to-day conflicts, potentially violent outbursts, and otherwise damaging and negative behaviors in a constructive and proactive way that doesn’t spark legal liability for your organization
  • Use L&D initiatives to foster organizational agility and to break down pesky silos that stand in the way of true collaboration, innovation, and better business results
  • Employ empathy, ideation, and personalization to develop trainings rich in human-centered design
  • Measure the success of established mentoring frameworks
  • And much, much more!

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