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The Institutional and Alternative Lending NYC Conference 2020

Sep 07, 2021 - 07:45 AM
1, Main St

New York,
ZIP: 10001

Event Overview

The Institutional and Alternative Lending Conference returns to New York in 2020, bringing together the most senior industry players in direct lending to the US mid-market. 

Direct lending continues to be big business for North America’s leading alternative asset managers and private equity firms. According to Preqin, the asset class soared in size from USD 33Bn in 2008 to USD 100Bn in 2020. 200 new funds have launched since 2009 and last year 58 percent of institutional investors said they would increase allocations to US mid-market lending funds in the next one or two years.

But can the market sustain this growth? Competition is heating up; pricing and liquidity is compressing; leverage and dry power is rising; and covenants are receding. In a world of rising interest rates, equity market uncertainty, and the ever-pervasive ‘Trump factor’, will direct lending funds remain on top of the private debt universe? Will the growth in nonsponsored transactions lead to a decline in credit quality as we reach the end of the credit cycle? Are LPs’ priorities going to change in this new environment? 

As the only conference dedicated exclusively to the US direct lending asset-class, this definitive gathering brings together LPs and GPs in equal measure, giving you unparalleled networking opportunities and access to first class content and thought-leadership.  

2020 key speakers:

Steve Myers, Head of Private Debt & Equity, RGA Reinsurance Company

James Burron President, Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies & Assets

Huy Cao, Director, Corporate Credit, CDPQ

Sam Nasypbek, Senior Portfolio Manager, The World Bank

Uzi Rosha, Managing Director, Head of US Regulation and Compliance, AIMA

Brett Hickey, Chief Executive Officer, Star Mountain Capital

Lila Ontiveros, Senior Vice President, Investment Strategies, CAZ Investments

Mark Perry, Managing Director, Wilshire Private Markets

Carol Pepper, Chief Executive Officer, Pepper International 



Speaker image

Louise Bowman

Deputy Editor


Speaker image

James Burron

Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets


Speaker image

Huy Cao

Director, Corporate Credit
Caisse De Dépôt et Placement du Québec



Steve Myers

Head of Private Debt & Equity
RGA Reinsurance

Speaker image

Sam Nasypbek

Senior Portfolio Manager
The World Bank


Speaker image

Lila Ontiveros

Senior Vice President
CAZ investments


Speaker image

Mark Perry

Managing Director
Wilshire Private Markets


Speaker image

Uzi Rosha

Managing Director, Head of US Regulation and Compliance
Alternative Investment Management Association


Conference day: Thursday, September 06 , 2020

07:45 - 08:50
Registration and coffee


08:50 - 08:55
Euromoney welcome

08:55 - 09:15
Opening keynote address
09:15 - 09:35


09:35 - 10:20
Private credit health check: Putting the market through its paces
  • Coping with change: the impact of normalisation/shifting credit cycle/Trump
  • A direct lending bubble: time for a correction?
  • Covenants, pricing and credit curves: how low can you go?
  • Finding value in a competitive market: Non-sponsored/European market/where next?
  • Irrational exuberance: What could spoil the party?


10:20 - 10:45

10:45 - 11:30
  • Sponsor workshop A
  • Sponsor workshop B
Sponsor workshop A

Content to be confirmed


11:30 - 12:15
LP Strategy: Winning deals in a capricious market


  • How to choose a GP
  • Institutional allocations in 2020: up, down or about the same?
  • Analysing alternatives: equities, high-yield bonds etc.
  • Spectre of default: work-outs in a world of light covenants
  • Weight of new money: impact on markets and strategy


12:15 - 13:00
Investor focus: Making the most out of Europe, and beyond
  • The evolution of a market: Is European DL moving to maturity?
  • Where to invest in Europe and why: sectors and countries, risks vs returns
  • They do things differently there: credit quality, documentation and leverage
  • European returns vs the rest? (mezzanine/distressed debt/real estate)
  • New markets: Europe today, emerging markets tomorrow?


13:00 - 14:00
Networking lunch


14:00 - 14:40
Target table discussions

Target table A: 

Target table B: James Burron, President, Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies & Assets

Target table C:

Target table D:

14:40 - 15:10
THE BIG DEBATE: an Oxford style debate on the future of direct lending


Motion: “This house believes that the US direct lending market is no longer competitive”


15:10 - 15:30
Keynote fintech interview: Is the private credit sector ripe for disruption?


15:30 - 15:50
15:50 - 16:30
BDC breakdown


  • Public vs private BDCs
  • Capturing the attention of LPs: testing appetites
  • Sponsor vs non-sponsored loan strategies
  • Distressed situations: balancing transparency and conflicts of interest
  • Fee structures: time to re-evaluate?
  • Fair value and secondary liquidity: trading price vs NAV


16:30 - 17:00
We need to talk about: US economic policy and the future of America’s middle market


  • Trade wars
  • Tax laws
  • Infrastructure finance
  • Trump’s progress: making America great again?


17:00 - 17:05
Close of conference


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