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Master in Cyber Security

Jan 06, 2020 - 09:00 PM - 10:00 PM
IMF Academy
Fellenoord 224 ,

Eindhoven ,
Eindhoven ,
Netherlands ,
ZIP: 5611 ZC
Phone: +31 (0)40 246 02 20

Ticket Price: € 31.200,-

Master in Cyber Security – Mode of Study

2-year part-time Master program in Amsterdam/Leiden (Netherlands). You can choose to take the Master in Cyber Security by e-learning, in a physical classroom environment (only 1 evening per week!) or a combination of both.


Stand-alone program: Certificate in Cyber Security - Threat Detection (part of the Master in Cyber Security)


Cyber Security experts are in high demand

Cyber Security threats do not respect borders. With the dramatic rise in global cyber crime, 
Cyber Security has become one of the fastest growing IT disciplines in the world today. No organization wants to be a victim to cybercrime. The fallout can take years to fix and in some instances, it can be hard to fully recover at all. The growing concern among decision makers at major organizations over cybercrime is therefore boosting the demand for Cyber Security experts worldwide. (ISC)2, being a security certification and industry body, revealed that by 2020, there will be a shortfall of 1.5 million Cyber Security experts. Be quick and get your global Master degree in Cyber Security now!


The Master degree in Cyber Security is one of the most current in demand graduate qualifications in the world

In collaboration with an outstanding American university we now offer you a Cyber Security specialization program on a Master level. Various leading Cyber Security experts from all over the world will teach you. In 2 years time (one evening per week and/or through e-learning), you will earn a Master degree in global Cyber Security!


Global Cyber Security recognition with the Master degree in Cyber Security!

The Master in Cyber Security will prepare you to take up challenging and rewarding career positions in various high-demand industries in the private and public sector. You can take on responsibilities that include the administration, operation and protection of mission-critical computer systems, information systems, networks, infrastructures and communication networks.


For this Master we are looking for high potentials with a global mindset. Your fellow students work as managers, consultants or researchers for organizations that specialize in Cyber Security or that heavily rely on IT security. Already offered at a number of campuses in the USA, we now offer you the first Master in Cyber Security in Europe, in Amsterdam/Leiden (Netherlands). The university is one of the most diverse and global universities in the world. As a student you have the opportunity to study in Europe while earning an accredited American Master degree. So far, the only possibility to physically study this Master is in Amsterdam/Leiden. Other cities in Europe will soon follow.


Why study for a Master in Cyber Security with us?

We offer the international Master of Cyber Security in collaboration with the only American university that is accredited in The Netherlands. The campus of this university in Leiden is home to a variety of students from over 50 countries worldwide. You will be connected to a network of more than 170,000 alumni worldwide. Points of distinction of this Master are:

  • The Master in Cyber Security consists of 14 courses, spanning 2 months each. You can take a course at a time that personally suits you.
  • Each course consists of 9 classes and can be taken physically in a classroom-based setting or through e-learning.
  • All classes are scheduled in the evening from 6 PM - 10 PM and only once a week so that you can easily combine this Master with your job.
  • You are allowed to miss 2 evening classes per course. Should you miss a class, you can catch up via the online learning environment.
  • The average class size is only 12 with a maximum of 15 students.
  • You can choose to book and pay for each course separately (only € 2,400) instead of paying for the complete Master at once.
  • You can take a term off if necessary without any (financial) penalties involved.
  • There are 5 start dates a year, in January, March, May, August and October.
  • As the term schedule is consistent across all international campuses, you may study at other locations abroad any time.
  • A personal academic advisor, who provides you with all the help you need and who really cares about your success, will assist you.
  • This Master offers a global perspective on Cyber Security from a global university.
  • You will earn the official American MS (Master in Cyber Security) degree, equivalent to the well-known European MSc degree.

Who should you contact for more information?

Please contact Sonja Boelhouwer MSc for more information at +31 (0)40 246 0220 or send her an e-mail ([email protected]).


Master in Cyber Security – Program Curriculum

To successfully accomplish this Master and to earn the official American MS (Master in Cyber Security) degree, you must gain a total of 40 credit hours by taking 14 courses altogether. These include 6 core courses as well as 4 elective courses and 2 capstone courses. In addition you must choose 2 extra courses, either of the elective courses or other courses offered by the university in a complementary field. Each course gives you 3 credit hours (except from the ‘Career Success in the 21st Century' course that grants you 1 credit hour) and consists of 9 evening classes, spanning 2 months. Per week you should count on 8 - 12 hours of self study, excluding the classroom (or online) sessions.


Master in Cyber Security – 6 Core Courses

You will need to take all 6 core courses (mandatory).

  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security Communications
  • Cyber Security Infrastructures
  • Cyber Security Intelligence/Counter Intelligence
  • Cyber Security Strategic Operations
  • Career Success in the 21st Century

These courses combined will grant you 16 credit hours.


Master in Cyber Security – 6 Elective Courses

In addition you need to take 4 elective courses.

  • Cyber Security Law and Policy
  • Cyber Security Threat Detection
  • Cyber Security Forensics
  • Pre-emptive Deterrence
  • Use and Protection of Space Assets
  • Encryption Methods and Techniques
  • Advanced Topics in Cyber Security

The remaining 2 courses may be chosen from the elective courses above or other courses offered by the university in a complementary field. With 6 elective courses you will attain 18 credit hours.


Master in Cyber Security – 2 Capstone Courses

  • Practical Research in Cyber Security I
  • Practical Research in Cyber Security II

These courses combined will grant you the remaining 6 credit hours.


All courses are described below. You can choose which course to take at what moment, in agreement with your academic advisor. There is only one requirement; you must always start with core course 1, ‘Introduction to Cyber Security’.


Speaker Details

Master in Cyber Security – Teaching Staff

The teaching staff are all lecturers from outstanding (inter)national universities, highly-skilled top consultants and top practitioners from private and public organizations.

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