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General Counsel Forum - Litigation Finance ○ New York, NY ○ May 1 - 2, 2019

May 01, 2019 - 08:00 AM - May 02, 01:15 PM
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New York,

New York ,
ZIP: 10036

The litigation finance industry has finally come of age as evidenced by the growing percentage of lawsuits that are being brought to funders as opposed to the bygone days when funders had to actively pursue cases. Legal firms and Corporate General Counsels are using litigation finance as a form of risk management across their case portfolios while hedge funds and private-equity firms are deepening their involvement in big-ticket legal cases by lending money to law firms for litigation finance purposes. Funding from these alternative lenders is necessary in today’s legal system in order to take on the Goliath’s with unlimited budgets. Taken together, all signs indicate a harbinger of a fledgling cottage industry that is slowly but surely being woven into the fabric of the American legal system. Any nascent legal/financial instrument such as litigation finance will naturally engender questions, concerns and even outright confusion.

Our mission for this event is to provide a forum of understanding and appreciation for this newly evolving asset class whose returns are uncorrelated with movements in the equity, bond and commodities markets and where real legal justice can be achieved between the David’s with limited budgets and the Goliath’s with limitless budgets.

○ Actionable Insights - Master the art of transforming Litigation Finance into an alternative financing model applicable for big and small law firms alike.
○ Inspiring Keynote Speakers - Hear from some of today’s most compelling and sought-after innovators and pioneers from global brokerages, corporate claimants, institutional investors, law firms, and litigation funds.
○ 1:1 Deal Maker Opportunities - Connect 1:1 with global investors specializing in the financing of litigation and arbitration cases.

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