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Chapell at City Winery w/American Nomads

Aug 16, 2018 - 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Chapell & City Winery
City Winery
155, Varick St

New York,
ZIP: 10013
Phone: (212) 608-0555

Alan Chapell is a unique character – even by the standards of the West Village, NYC. Made from years of travelling the world and honing his craft and moving effortlessly through several musical genres without a single tune sounding the same. Seriously good songwriting that’s augmented by what many are calling the best seven piece band in New York. All led by Chapell -  Mephistopheles outfitted in a well-tailored white linen suit.  


Growing up on the “mean streets” of Stamford, Connecticut, Alan Chapell was something of a musical wunderkind - playing piano and trumpet before the age of six. He recorded with the legendary Jimmy Ienner at age 15, and more recently with Talking Head Jerry Harrison. He’s played to jam-packed houses around the world from Mumbai to Managua. It took Chapell a while to get here, but audiences across the U.S. are starting to take notice in a big way.


Chapell’s band includes Lorenza Ponce on violin, Ann Klein on guitar, Ali Culotta on piano, Billy Aukstik on trumpet, Ryan Gleason on bass and Rodney Howard on drums. Ponce plays a variety of delicious retro-synth lines which both play off of and play with Klein’s guitar work. There are multiple moving parts that all go together a bit differently depending on the song (and Chapell’s mood.)


Chapell’s live show is a cacophony of juxtapositions. His set moves seamless from genre to genre and from topic to topic. From songs about love to songs about more heady topics such as gun violence and human rights. And finally, to a parody of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent Congressional testimony. With all that, Chapell somehow manages to keep things fun – not to mention you’re guaranteed to leave the night with at least a few of Chapell’s melodies stuck in your head.


On making music in 2018 Chapell now says, “I feel like I’m discovering myself as an artist in a way I never could have earlier in my life. For too long, I bought into the notion that I couldn’t become a successful artist in my 30’s – and it was liberating to recognize how foolish that was. The most invigorating thing is that I don’t feel I’ve written my best song yet. I know who I am now and I am excited that I am nowhere close to my peak.”



American Nomads bio



Musicians Walter Kenul and Dante DeLemos, along with lyricist Richard Humann founded the band AmericanNomads. The songs that they write and perform are in the American Roots style of music. They have worked together on numerous musical projects, including their most recent band before the founding of American Nomads, DRW, that from 2010 to 2015 released two full-length albums and two singles. American Nomads is comprised of musicians Walter Kenul on lead vocals and keyboards, Dante DeLemos on lead vocals and guitar, Susan Darmiento on lead and background vocals, Joseph Humann on harmonica and percussion, George LaGrange on guitar and background vocals, Joe Conescenti on drums, Jay Rivera on bass and background vocals, and Gerald Menke on pedal steel Guitar. Their song, "A Revelation's Gonna Come" climbed to #6 on the Billboard AC chart, with over 40,000 national and international radio plays, and passed the first round of Grammy nominations for Best American Roots Single 2016.

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