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Certified Information Professional (CIP)

Oct 01, 2019 - 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
IMF Academy

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Information professional certificate – why?

An increasing number of organizations is finding that they need professionals with a broader skill set than what is traditionally found within IT departments. Specifically, they need staff that can understand the importance of effective management and the utilization and application of information assets to the organization. In other words, they need a new 'breed' of information professionals.

Bearing that in mind, AIIM built a comprehensive body of knowledge around the needs of information professionals in 2011, and designed an exam to benchmark information professionals against that body of knowledge. In 2016, this Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam was updated to reflect changes in the process and tools used to create, manage, and leverage business information.

Certified Information Professional (CIP) – what is it?

The information professional certification is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the profession of information management by providing the premier credential in the industry. With now over 1,000 CIP's worldwide, the certification is a recognized credential of those who understand not just the information management technologies, but also how to best optimize their value to achieve business goals.

Become a Certified Information Professional now!

Digital disruption calls for digital leaders with the skills and experience to optimize information assets and to transform business. Certified Information Professional (CIP) is today's most popular certification. IT organizations highly appreciate the content of the CIP training and its accompanying certification and, as a Certified Information Professional (CIP), you can take a job anywhere anytime. Become that leader now with the 4-day AIIM training Certified Information Professional (CIP).

Certified Information Professional (CIP) – what will you learn?

Information professionals are challenged by a.o. the following questions:

  • Who owns the big picture of how information is managed in our organization?
  • Who owns our information management strategy?
  • Who can help us treat information as the critical business asset it has become?

In this 4-day training you will learn how to manage information throughout the information lifecycle by means of presentations, discussions, exercises and activities.

About AIIM

AIIM represents the information management community as the global association for both users and suppliers of Information Management (IM), Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Electronic Record Management (ERM) solutions. AIIM has existed for more than 60 years and is a not-for-profit organization. AIIM has over 195,000 members worldwide.

Information Professional certificate – why choose AIIM?

Who could better develop essential skills training and certification for the social, mobile, cloud and big data era than the global community of information professionals? The curricula and assessments of AIIM are based on the best practices of their 195,000 member community for managing and leveraging business information and assets. Improve your skills and advance your career by relying on AIIM for your Information Professional training need and certification.

How can information professionals contribute to the success of their organisations?

Information professionals contribute to the success of their organizations by helping address the following kinds of information management challenges (both on-premises and in the cloud):

  • Ensure information is dynamically delivered to staff and customers via websites, mobile applications, and social media.
  • Improve information sharing and collaboration by leveraging virtual collaboration solutions, social networks, and existing and emerging communications technologies.
  • Improve enterprise search and access to information across organizational and technology boundaries.
  • Continuously analyze information to identify new business opportunities and improvements.
  • Ensure appropriate information security and privacy controls across systems and platforms to protect the organization and its staff.
  • Manage information and records regardless of format or location to meet regulatory compliance and e-discovery readiness requirements.
  • Streamline and automate information-intensive processes across systems and platforms to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • The information professional must also be able to bridge the increasing gap between enterprise IT and business executives, that currently exists in many organizations.

Information is your most important asset. Are you an information professional? Learn the skills to manage these valuable assets and get certified!

Information Professional – training material

Participants will receive the Certified Information Professional (CIP) Study Guide as well as the official AIIM training materials.

Information Professional – prerequisites

There is no requirement for preliminary knowledge or understanding the subject matter, although the path to the Certified Information Professional (CIP) certification will be easier for information practitioners who already have expertise and work experience in this field.

Information Professional – limited number of participants

The number of training participants is limited to only 12 so that you may benefit to the full.

Certified Information Professional – exam

To achieve certification, you will need to pass a certification exam covering technologies and best practices for managing and sharing information assets. The Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam takes 2 hours and consists of 100 questions. In order to pass, you need to answer at least 60% correctly. With testing centers all over the world, Kryterion serves as an approved examination proctor. You can take your exam any day, anytime that suits you.

Information Professional Certificate – expiration date

The Certified Information Professional (CIP) certification is renewable after 3 years.

BPM, ECM, and ERM certificate trainings

In cooperation with AIIM we also organize the Business Process Management (BPM) training, the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) training and the Electronic Records Management (ERM) training.


Certified Information Professional (CIP) – exam knowledge areas

The 6 knowledge areas of the Certified Information Professional (CIP) examination are the following:

  • Creating and capturing information - 20% of examination
  • Organizing and categorizing information - 20% of examination
  • Governing information - 16% of examination
  • Automating information-intensive processes - 10% of examination
  • Managing the information lifecycle - 20% of examination
  • Implementing an information management solution - 14% of examination

Domain I – Creating and capturing information
Includes the following major topic areas:

  • Capture (broadly)
  • Document imaging
  • Collaborations

Domain II – Organizing and categorizing information
Includes the following major topic areas:

  • Metadata
  • Taxonomies and classification structures
  • Search
  • eDiscovery

Domain III – Governing information
Includes the following major topics:

Domain IV – Automating information–intensive processes
Includes the following major topic areas:

  • BPM and workflow
  • Process analysis

Domain V – Managing the information lifecycle
Includes the following major topic areas:

  • Records management
  • Knowledge management
  • Retention and disposition of all information
  • Digital preservation

Domain VI – Implementing an Information Management Solution
Includes the following major topic areas:

  • Information management (IM) strategy
  • Business case
  • Requirements
  • System design and implementation
  • Change management

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