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Aircraft Economic Life Summit 2018 (eel)

Nov 20, 2018 - 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Everest Events
Point Village, E Wall Rd, East Wall ,

Dublin 1,
ZIP: 00000

Aircraft Economic Life Summit 2018

This course will provide the latest findings for both aviation specialists and for new entrants to commercial aviation.


♦ How have Fleet Dynamics changed in the last 5 year

♦ Why demand will continue to outstrip supply & uphold useful lives

♦ The retirement cycle—the stats that matter

♦ How is the increase in widebody lease return being managed

♦ How to keep older aircraft flying – what are the issues

♦ Maintenance costs are becoming more critical in the ‘keep or part out’ decision— appraisers explain why

♦ Which engine types are in demand and which are falling out of favour

♦ Are import age restrictions changing? If so, how many aircraft are affected & what does this mean for economic lives and values

Who should attend: Investors, Operators, Owners, Financiers, Traders of Commercial Aircraft, Lawyers, Lessors.


08.00 Registra"on & Tea Coffee

08.45 Chairman's Remarks—State of the Industry Chairman: Chris Tarry, Chief Execu"ve, CTAIRA 09.00 Market Overview - Fleet Dynamics in the last 5 years—how have views on economic life changed? Moderator: Dick Forsberg, Head of Strategy, Avolon Konrad Blocher, Strategy & Risk Management, Goshawk Bert Van Leeuwen, MD, DVB Bank SE Philippe Pou"ssou, Head of Strategy & Marke"ng, Elix Avia"on Capital Ltd • The Narrowbody Market—key events & influences • The Widebody Market—what events are shaping their future? • The Regional Market—its all ac4on at the jet end— but what about the turboprops? 10.00 The ‘Peak Produc"on’ Debate—The Impact on Economic Lives—Debate Moderator: Steve Van der S"chele, Model Ownership & Methodologies, Barclays Richard Owen Walker, Head of Investor Marke"ng, Airbus Shane Ma7hews, Head of Strategic & Market Analysis, SMBC Avia"on Capital • Two experts provide argument and counter argument. • Why current and an4cipated produc4on rates will reduce the economic lives of older aircra7 • Why demand will con4nue to outstrip supply & uphold useful lives

10.45 Refreshment Break

11.10 The Avia"on Cycles - Presenta"ons Moderator: Andy Carlisle, Chief Technical Officer, Goshawk Rob Morris, Global Head of Consultancy, FlightAscend Consultancy Ed Hansom, Chief Investment Officer, Sirius Avia"on Capital • The re4rement cycle—the stats that ma8er • Oil price—where is the price likely to head next and what does this mean for economic lives? • The Conversion cycle the Freighter bounceback is underway. Which types will benefit and which ones will miss out? 11.45 The Secondary Market—Presenta"ons Moderator: Mar"n Browne, VP Commercial EMEA, Aergo Capital Stuart Flaye, Snr Consultant, Advisory, Ishka Mark Lapidus, CEO, Amedeo Jonathan Wober, Chief Financial Analyst, CAPA • What do recent Airline failures teach us? What happened to the fleets of Air Berlin, Monarch & others—a case study. • The increase in widebody lease returns—how are they being managed? • Recent por=olio trading ac4vity has featured an increasing percentage of older equipment—how does this influence economic lives?

12.40 Luncheon 13.40 Keeping Older Aircra: Flying—What are the Issues & Implica"ons for the Secondary Market? Presenta"ons Moderator: Ken O’Malley, Technical Records Dept Manager, CAE Parc Avia"on Bradley Gregory, Commercial Director, Air Salvage Interna"onal Speaker tba • What are the issues facing MRO facili4es—capacity, access to parts, type of work being required, reconfigura4on issues • What are the storage facili4es seeing—more storage, more part out, or more returns to service? 14.15 Aircra: Values & Maintenance Costs—Panel Debate Moderator: Dave Andrew, CEO ASL Airlines Africa & Asia, ASL Avia"on Holdings Olga Razzhivina, Snr ISTAT Appraiser, Oriel Amit Kumar Tyagi, CIO, Acumen Avia"on Mike Yeomans, Head of Valua"ons, IBA Romain Chambard, VP - Marke"ng Rolls-Royce Plc • Appraisers debate the recent movements in values of older aircra7—which are gaining and which are losing and why? • Maintenance costs are becoming more cri4cal in the ‘keep or part out’ decision—the appraisers explain why • Engine Care programmes and how they impact on asset value—the OEM position.

15.00 The Market for Engines & Spares—Panel Debate Moderator: Bob James, MD & CEO, Aerfin Ltd Richard Hough, EVP Technical, ELFC Denise Mangan-Fahy, SVP PorEolio Planning & Opera"ons, GECAS David Rushe, Sales & Marke"ng Manager, Magellan Avia"on Group • Engine traders elaborate on the dynamics of the spare engine market • Which types are in demand and which are falling out of favour? • The spare parts market—what's hot and what's not 16.10 Ageing Aircra: Policies—Presenta"ons Mark Lynch, Head of Engineering, GECAS, also speaking on behalf of the Avia"on Working Group Chris Seymour, Head of Market Analysis, Flight Ascend Consultancy • How are various jurisdic4ons approaching the issue of ageing aircra7? • Are import age restric4ons changing? How many aircra7 are affected & what does this mean for economic lives and values? 16.50 The Lessors View—Panel Debate Moderator: Keith Wilson, Head of Aircra: Finance, CMS Eamonn Cronin, Director & Chief Commercial Officer, Acumen Avia"on Peter Blakeney, VP Aircra: Trading, Apollo Avia"on Mgmt Ltd Michael Dowling, Chief Risk Officer, DAE Capital Gareth Delany, Chief Technical Officer, Ping An Aircra: Leasing • Leasing companies & Asset Managers outline their approach to managing issues surrounding aircra7 economic lives and ageing. 17.30 Summary and Conclusion


Ken O’Malley
Head of Technical Records, CAE Parc Aviation
Richard Owen Walker
Head of Investor Marketing, Airbus
Philippe Poutissou
Head of Strategy and Marketing, Elix Aviation Capital Ltd
Jonathan Wober
Chief Financial Analyst, CAPA
Stuart Flaye
Consultant, Ishka
Gareth Delany
Executive Director/Chief Technical Officer, Ping An Aircraft Leasing
Mark Lynch
Head of Engineering, GECAS also speaking on behalf of the Aviation Working Group
Keith Wilson
Head of Aircraft Finance and Partner in the Asset Finance Team, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
Amit Tyai
Chief Intelligence Officer, Acumen Aviation
Peter Blakeney
VP, Aircraft Trading , Apollo Aviation Management Ltd
Bert Van Leeuwen
MD, Aviation Research, DVB Bank SE
Ed Hansom
Chief Investment Officer, Sirius Aviation Capital
Chris Seymour
Head of Market Analysis, Flight Ascend Consultancy
Romain Chambard
VP Marketing, Rolls-Royce Plc
Bob James
MD, Aerfin Ltd
Eamonn Cronin
Director & Chief Commercial Officer, Acumen Aviation
Denise Manghan-Fahy
SVP Portfolio Planning & Operations, GE Capital Aviation Services
Shane Matthews
Head of Strategic & Market Analysis, SMBC Aviation Capital
Mike Yeomans
Head of Valuations, IBA
Bradley Gregory
CEO, Air Salvage International Ltd
Dick Forsberg
Head of Strategy, Avolon
Olga Razzhivina
Senior ISTAT Appraiser, Oriel
Rob Morris
Global Head of Consultancy, Flight Ascend Consultancy
David Rushe
Sales & Marketing Manager, Magellan Aviation Group
Michael Dowling
Chief Risk Officer, DAE Capital
Richard Hough
EVP Technical, ELFC
Konrad Blocher
Strategy & Risk, Goshawk

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