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8th World Congress on Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs (CSE) AS

Nov 21, 2018 - 08:00 AM - Nov 22, 06:00 PM
conference series
2 Boulevard Du Levant, Noisy-Le-Grand 93160

ZIP: 00000

8th World congress on Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs


About Conference

Conference Series is proud to host the 8th World congress on Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs (Euro Orphan Drugs 2018) during November 21-22, 2018 at Paris-France. This upcoming European Orphan Drug Conference is designed on the theme “Challenges & Opportunities in Orphan Drugs Development: Commercialisation, Policies, Reimbursement, and Pricing “.

This Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs Conference aims to provide the best platform to all the researchers working in Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs Research, Orphan Drugs developers, Healthcare sector, regulatory & health authorities, patient organisations, patient advocacy, Clinical Trials & Research, and public policy individuals.

This Orphan Drugs & Rare Diseases Congress 2018 Europe will offer a proper platform will provide a unique platform for all the stakeholders in the Orphan Drug Industry sector to discuss current issues, trends and innovations in Rare Diseases Research & Orphan Drugs development and to network with hospitals, Research labs, Pharma-Biopharma Companies, Orphan Drugs developers, and non-profit organizations etc.

This Orphan Drugs Congress 2018 composed of extended scientific sessions, Plenary sessions, Oral Presentations, Industry oriented sessions, Poster Presentations, Exhibitor sessions, Workshops, Symposiums, Young Research Forums, Videos Presentations and e-Poster Presentations etc.



Who Should Attend

The Euro Orphan Drugs 2018 Conferences bring together the senior level attendees and speakers from both academia, clinical research institutes, Clinical laboratories, Hospitals and from the top Biopharmaceutical companies from across the globe. Participants includes Directors, Deans, Research Professors, VPs, CTOs, Laboratory heads, Drug Developers, Clinical Trials Researchers, clinical trials sponsors, CROs, Medical doctors, & Researchers working in the sector of:

  • Drug Discovery & Development
  • Personalized, Translational, Experimental, & Regenerative Medicine
  • Clinical Trials & Clinical Research
  • Rare & ultra-rare Diseases
  • Genetic Diseases
  • Targeted Therapy, Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Molecular Diagnostics & Diagnostic Product developers
  • Patient Advocacy, Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement
  • In-Licensing/Out-Licensing
  • Regulatory & Medical Affairs
  • Commercial Development of Drugs
  • Health Economics/Outcomes Research (HEOR)
  • Orphan Foundations/Associations
  • Experts working in Big Data & Digital Health
  • Oncologist and Cancer experts
  • Immunology & Inflammatory Disease
  • Other Rare Disease & Therapy areas of: Neurology, mental health, neuromuscular disorders,


Why Attend

This two days of Orphan Drugs Congress will offer an interactive and most compressive sessions & networking with global experts working in the Rare Disease & Orphan Drugs segment. Orphan Drugs 2018 Paris Congress will help in gaining insights & to upgrade knowledge towards current activities growing globally in the Orphan Drugs sector starting from Laboratory research to field research, clinical trials to orphan drugs development, pricing and reimbursement, commercialization of orphan drugs & regulatory policies etc.

Orphan Drugs 2018 comprises of well organized scientific program stuffed with interactive sessions, one to one discussion rounds, industry academia interaction programs, industrials presentations, special regulatory sessions, and networking sessions.

Get Insights of:

  • Key market trends of Orphan Drugs market globally
  • Challenges the emerging markets facing
  • Investment opportunities in the Orphan Drugs market
  • Global regulatory landscape in the Rare Disease & Orphan Drug sector
  • Barriers and opportunities in Rare Disease Diagnostics & Medical device market
  • Pricing & reimbursement strategies in the Orphan Drugs sector
  • Clinical trials details in Rare Disease & Orphan Drugs


Major Sessions

  • Overview of Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs
  • Types of Rare Diseases
  • Genetic Rare Diseases
  • FDA approval process of Orphan Drugs Products
  • Challenges in Rare Diseases Diagnosis
  • Rare Diseases Treatment Landscape
  • Orphan Drug Pricing Reimbursement and Patient Access
  • Ethical issues in Funding Orphan Drugs Research and Development
  • Orphan Drugs Development Barriers
  • Orphan Drugs Development: Current Trends & Future
  • Clinical Trials & Clinical Research in Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs
  • Patient Concerns on Orphan Drugs
  • Legislation & Regulatory policies in Orphan Drugs & Rare Disease Research
  • Funding Opportunities in Rare Disease & Orphan Drugs Research
  • Economical Perspective in Rare Diseases
  • Designating Orphan Products: Drugs and Biologicals
  • Developing Products for Rare Diseases & Conditions



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