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15th World Congress on Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing (CSE)

Sep 25, 2019 - 08:00 AM - Sep 26, 05:00 PM
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Toronto ,

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15th World Congress on Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing

About Conference It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 15th Congress on Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing which is to be held on September 25th -26th, 2019 at Toronto, Canada”. This event is organized by Conference Series LLC Ltd, conducts 3000+ conferences every year in all the major scientific disciplines across Europe, USA & Asia which is being received by more than 25 million researchers, scholars, students all over the world. The theme of our conference is based on “Exploring the insights of mind with mental health nursing psychiatry to ameliorate mankind”. The conference invites all the Nurses, Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatric, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Emergency medicine specialists, International speakers, Scientists, Researchers, University Professors, Students, College Faculties and Healthcare professionals to share their experience in this broad field. Sessions and Tracks Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Child Psychology includes Psychological development in kid (development throughout the lifespan). As their physical health emotional of kids is equally vital. A balanced psychological state standing is incredibly vital for each single kid to measure up to their full potential and build their life purposeful by doing the simplest for themselves and therefore the individuals around them. Mental disease could be a serious disorder that may have an effect on one’s emotions and psychological behaviour. If untreated, then these conditions influence the event of a private. Mental disease throughout era of a baby, however undergarment in and psychological state are connected in an exceedingly child, relation between kid sleep and psychological state, mental rehabilitation are the featured topic enclosed during this session. Typically individuals even say that mental disease a story. Child Psychology includes Psychological development in kid. Psychiatry Mental health disorders: A psychiatric disorder may also cause physical symptoms, such as ​a headache, back pain, or stomach pain. If you’re being evaluated for a psychiatric disorder, be sure to tell your doctor about any physical symptoms you’re having, including unexplained aches and pains. Mental health nursing or psychiatry nursing is the speciality of nursing that cares for people of all ages with mental distress or illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, psychosis it is a stressful and emotionally draining job as well as a rewarding job for once career. Nursing Education: Nursing Education instruction includes of the theoretical and rights all the approach right down to earth getting ready equipped to medical attendants with the reason to line them up for his or her obligations as treatment specialists. This instruction is given to nursing understudies by toughened attendants and totally different therapeutic specialists unit have qualified or competent for instructive errands. Analysis has been accustomed legitimate nursing as a profession, education has been radically reformed to repeat a hunt base, and tutorial nurses have designed their careers around it. Public Health Nursing: Public Health is outlined because the science of protective the security and up the health of communities through education, political, and analysis for wellness and injury hindrance. The definition of public health is completely different for each person. whether or not you wish to crunch numbers, conduct laboratory or field analysis, formulate policy, or work directly with folks to assist improve their health, there's an area for you within the field of public health. Being a public professional person allows you to figure round the world, address health issues of communities as an entire, and influence policies that have an effect on the health of societies. Nurses Polices and laws: National Medical Commission provides strict steering regarding the Nursing practitioners code of follow and additionally the answerable that members of the profession should have towards patients in their care it's in light-weight of this that nursing professionals have a responsibility to develop their knowledge regarding the law concerning clinical follow and additionally the ethical frameworks encompassing why picks and judgments unit of measurement created once delivering patient care. Stress, Depression and Anxiety: Anxiety may be a feeling delineated by a disconcerting condition of inward disturbance, of times amid nervous behaviour like pacing back and forth, substantial objections, and rumination. Anxiety is that the need of future threat. Depression may be a condition of low mood and antipathy for a movement which will influence any one’s thoughts, behaviour, tendencies, emotions, and feeling of prosperity. Stress, a kind of mental agony may be a feeling of strain and pressure. Stress will build the danger of strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, and depression. Suicide and Self harm Suicide is the demonstration of deliberately causing one's own particular passing. Hazard factors Include mental scatters like sorrow, push, uneasiness, bipolar confusion, schizophrenic psychosis, identity issue, liquor addiction, substance abuse. Different issues may incorporate incautious acts because of stress, for example, money-related issues and work environment stress, issues with connections or from harassing. Mental Health: Mental health is included our psychological, emotional, social wellbeing everywhere and it directly affects in how we feel, think and act. It also determines in making choice, how we handle stress and relate with others. From childhood to adolescent through adulthood its effect is important in every stage of life. If anyone experience mental health problems, their entire coordination goes interrupted includes their thinking capability, mood, behaviour, relationships and even physical health. A strong mental health is very important to balance between their activities and efforts also in achieving psychological resilience to enjoy their life. Neuropsychiatric disorders: Uneasiness and consideration deficiency hyperactivity issue (ADHD), are among the most every now and again analyzed of every single neuropsychiatric issue. Albeit many individuals can be treated with ordinary solutions, these medications regularly have undesirable reactions and might be redirected for illegal utilize. Researchers have made imperative commitments to our comprehension of the organic premise and pharmacological administration of tension and ADHD, and extra examinations have given new bits of knowledge into the pathophysiology and treatment of Self damaging conduct. Eating Disorders Mood Disorders Neurotic Disorders Addiction Degenerative Disorders Addiction Medicine Therapy: Addiction is a psychiatric subspecialty relating to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from addiction disorders. This may include disorders involving drugs, , sex, food, alcohol and other addictive substances. Addiction psychiatry is an expanding field, and currently there is a high demand for substance abuse experts in both the private and public sector. Adolescent Psychopathology: Adolescent psychopathology is the appearance of mental issue in kids and teenagers. Oppositional resistant turmoil, consideration deficiency hyperactivity issue, and inescapable formative issue are instances of tyke psychopathology. The full rundown of formal indicative codes and characterization of psychological wellness issue can be found in the DSM-5; this is a similar manual which covers grown-up psychopathology, however it has certain findings explicit to youngsters and youths. Advanced Nursing Practice: Advanced practice medical attendants "give and arrange persistent consideration and they may give essential and forte medicinal services. They serve Diagnosing, Performing physical tests, Evaluating understanding advancement, Providing directing, Participating in research thinks about. Propelled practice medical attendants have impressively more opportunity to decide, propose medications and game-plans, and decide care for the patients with whom they work. Depression and Anxiety : Depression is a typical and genuine therapeutic ailment that contrarily influences how the individual feel the manner in which you think and how you act. Luckily, it is additionally treatable. Melancholy causes sentiments of trouble as well as lost enthusiasm for exercises once delighted in. It can prompt an assortment of passionate and physical issues and can diminish an individual's capacity to work at work and at home Nervousness is a feeling portrayed by sentiments of strain, stressed considerations and physical changes like expanded pulse. Individuals with nervousness issue for the most part have repeating nosy considerations or concerns. They may keep away from specific circumstances out of stress. They may likewise have physical indications, for example, perspiring, trembling, wooziness or a fast heartbeat. Fears Frenzy issue Post pregnancy anxiety Persistent depressive disorder Seasonal affective disorder Psychosis: Psychosis is a mind based condition that is exacerbated better or by natural components - like medication use and stress. Schizophrenia is a genuine issue which influences how an individual considers, feels and acts. Somebody with schizophrenia may experience issues recognizing what is genuine and what is fanciful; might be inert or pulled back; and may experience issues communicating typical feelings in social circumstances. One habitually refereed to measurement is that 1% of the populace is determined to have Schizophrenia in their lifetime, however really 3.5% of the populace encounters psychosis. Hearing voices and seeing things that aren't there are more typical than we might suspect. While these encounters can be terrifying and befuddling, it is conceivable to recuperate and showing signs of improvement, particularly when we handle issues early Hallucinations Schizotypal issue Remaining admirably when you have a dysfunctional behaviour

AGENDA 2018 --------------------------------- 2019 Upcoming Soon --------------------------------- Day 1 July 25, 2018 Conference Hall: Red Cedar Ballroom B 08:30-9:00 Registrations 09:00-9:15 Opening Ceremony Keynote Forum Introduction 09:15-10:00 Title: The negative effects of extrinsic motivation on organizational emotional intelligence Javier Fiz Pérez, European University of Rome, Italy 10:00-10:45 Title: The need for disease Atul Kumar Mehra, Jaagran Psychoanalysis and Wellness Centre, Canada Panel Discussion Networking & Refreshment Break 10:45-11:00 @ Red Cedar Foyer 11:00-11:45 Title: An advanced light speed system of the future that eliminates the causes of anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain and disease Mada Eliza Dalian, Dalian School for Health and Consciousness, Canada Panel Discussion Exhibitor Talk 11:45-12:30 Title: Career opportunities in adult, child and youth mental health with Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) Exhibitor, Provincial Health Services Authority, Canada Panel Discussion Lunch Break 12:30-13:30 @ Red Cedar Foyer Sessions: Mental Health | Mental Health Disorders | Eating Disorder | Psychiatric Nursing | Child Psychiatry | CBT | Womens Mental Health | Wellbeing Session Chair: Atul Kumar Mehra, Jaagran Psychoanalysis and Wellness Centre, Canada Session Co-chair: Beata Karakiewicz, Department of Social Medicine and Public Health, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Poland Session Introduction 13:30-13:55 Title: Somatic countertransference experiences of nurse therapeutic touch practitioners: A content analysis Catherine Jirak Monetti, Kean University, USA 13:55-14:20 Title: How do you define health?: Incorporating health at every size (TM) principles into psychiatric appointments to enhance overall wellness Molly Hawke, Providers for Healthy Living, USA 14:20-14:45 Title: Mental health of youth in Hong Kong Lai-Moy Carman Wong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 14:45-15:10 Title: Addiction as attachment Kevin Coffey, University of Rochester, USA 15:10-15:35 Title: How sports can help us overcome past traumas Daniel Pressello, The Courage and Strength Games, Canada 15:35-16:00 Title: Impact of child sexual abuse on mental health correlates among adolescent girls John Jacob Mundukottackal, Agape Mental Health and Research Institute, India Panel Discussion Networking & Refreshment Break 16:00-16:15 @ Red Cedar Foyer 16:15-16:40 Title: Utilization of a mobile app to assess psychiatric patients with limited english proficiency Oscar Villalobos, New Mexico State University, USA 16:40-17:05 Title: An evaluation of the training and education of a work based learning programme in a Mental Health Hospital in London: The role of the matron Adina Seupersad, Mental Health Hospital, UK 17:05-17:30 Title: Working with traumatized clients, what's your risk? Shara R Ally, University of Toronto, Canada Workshop 17:30-18:30 Title: Dual Diagnosis Kevin Coffey, University of Rochester Medical Center, USA Panel Discussion Day 2 July 26, 2018 Conference Hall: Red Cedar Ballroom B Keynote Forum 08:30-09:15 Title: Providing care in crisis Beth Meeker, Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, USA Workshop 09:15-10:15 Title: The effects of oppression & historical trauma workshop Brad Marsden, Suicide Prevention Facilitator, Canada Panel Discussion Networking & Refreshment Break 10:15-10:30 @ Red Cedar Foyer 10:30-11:15 Title: Smart UBC-Embedding mindfulness into undergraduate BSN curriculum Iwona Sienko, University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus, Canada Panel Discussion Sessions: Mental Health | Child Abuse and Neglect | Addiction | Psychiatric Nursing Session Chair: Sailaxmi Gandhi, National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences, India Session Co-chair: John Jacob Mundukottackal, Agape Mental Health and Research Institute, India Session Introduction 11:15-11:40 Title: The war within: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the struggle, fight and recovery Lucy Faranda, York Catholic District School Board, Canada 11:40-12:05 Title: Challenges in initiating and supporting vocational training for persons with mental illness in India Sailaxmi Gandhi, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, India 12:05-12:30 Title: Safety and mental health issues in chinese young international students: A canadian case study Lyren Chiu, Langara College, Canada 12:30-12:55 Title: Level of alcohol consumption and its affective correlates among hospitalized patients Amanpreet Kaur, Khals College of Nursing, India 12:55-13:15 Title: Preliminary examination of the positive impact of affect on learning for nursing students Dale Hilty, Mount Carmel College of Nursing, USA Panel Discussion Lunch Break 13:15-14:00 @ Red Cedar Foyer Workshop 14:00-15:00 Title: Awareness of the being – The master key for mental health and healing Mada Eliza Dalian, Dalian School for Health and Consciousness, Canada Panel Discussion Sessions: Adolescent Medicine and Care | Psychiatric Disorders | Mental Health Nursing 15:00-15:25 Title: Scrupulosity and anxiety among adults Amanpreet Kaur, Khalsa College of Nursing, India 15:25-15:50 Title: The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral stress management intervention on general health and quality of life in patients with cardiovascular diseases Mahnaz Mehrabizadeh Honarmand, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran 15:50-16:15 Title: Labour market inclusion, long-term employment and career development using the integrative model at Shekulo Tov Group, Israel Offer Cohen, Shekulo Tov Group, Israel Panel Discussion Networking & Refreshment Break 16:15-16:30 @ Red Cedar Foyer Please contact the event manager Marilyn (marilyn.b.turner(at) ) below for: - Multiple participant discounts - Price quotations or visa invitation letters - Payment by alternate channels (PayPal, check, Western Union, wire transfers etc) - Event sponsorship NO REFUNDS ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONS Prices may go up any time. 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