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ISO 31000 Risk Management

Mar 13, 2024 - 03:00 AM - 11:00 AM
IMF Academy
Fellenoord 224,

The Netherlands,
ZIP: 5611 ZC
Phone: +31 (0)40 246 02 20

Ticket Price: € 2600

Risk management: indispensable for any organization!

Risk management is a priority for all organizations, profit as well as non-profit. The better you manage risks, the higher your performance. With effective risk management, you are better equipped to deal with change and take informed decisions, gain the confidence of stakeholders and grow. Since its launch in 2009 (and revision in 2018), the objective of the ISO 31000 standard has been to help organizations achieve these goals.

The ISO 31000 standard has a major impact on organizations around the globe. The standard does not only provide best practices, structure and guidance for risk management professionals, it is also important for a wide range of other business roles. After all, risk management is a key component of all management system standards that apply the High-Level Structure (HLS). As such, this standard benefits every manager. Do you want to learn how this standard can help you take risk management to the next level? Then this is the training for you!

Become a Certified ISO 31000 Risk Management Professional now!

ISO 31000 - IMF AcademyThis 3-day Risk Management training enables you to become a certified ISO 31000 risk management professional. Both the training and the exam are based on the ISO 31000 Risk Management standard which can be used by private and public organizations of any size, industry or sector. In this intensive 3-day training you develop the competence in the foundations of the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard.

By means of in-depth training, practical exercises and sample multiple-choice questions, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully pass the official G31000 exam. You will become familiar with the vocabulary, principles, framework and risk management process, proposed in the ISO 31000 Standard. During the training, the general ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines will be presented as well as the ISO Guide 73 Risk Management Vocabulary.

ISO 31000 learning objectives

In this ISO 31000 Risk Management certification program you will learn to:

  • Understand the vocabulary, principles, framework and risk management process in accordance with ISO 31000
  • Understand the benefits of ISO 31000 as an internationally recognized standard, adopted by over 40 countries
  • Interpret these ISO 31000 guidelines and integrate them into your already existing management systems
  • Work in a structured way with the implementation and optimization of dealing with opportunities and threats within your organization
  • Acquire the competence to communicate effectively about ISO 31000 with people having different backgrounds and experience in the field of risk management

ISO 31000 exam and certification

The exam to become a certified ISO 31000 risk management professional covers the following four competence domains:

  • Risk management: concepts, terms and definitions
  • Principles of risk management
  • The risk management framework
  • The risk management process

The ISO 31000 exam consist of 80 multiple-choice questions and takes 2 hours. You need to answer 75% of the questions correctly to pass the exam. The official ISO 31000 Foundations Level - CRMF certificate will be issued to participants who successfully pass the exam. You are entitled to attempt the ISO 31000 exam up to two times (within 6 months).

Who should become a certified ISO 31000 risk management professional?

ISO 31000 offers a successful approach for effective risk management that is suitable for any type of organisation and all sorts of risks. This certifying training is a must for anyone engaged in (managing) risk management, such as ISO auditors, operational auditors, security/facility managers, compliance managers, (IT) risk managers, (IT) auditors, managers internal audit, business continuity managers, security managers, general/operational/line managers, quality managers, business controllers and many other professionals.

ISO 31000 training and certification – prerequisites

There are no specific prerequisites for attending this risk management training program and to successfully pass the ISO 31000 exam.

Limited number of participants

Due to the interactive character of this training and to optimize the benefits the participants derive from the various exercises, the number of participants is limited.

Educational approach

The ISO 31000 training is based on theory and practical examples. Lectures include examples from real life scenarios. The training contains many review exercises to help you prepare for the official ISO 31000 Foundations Level - CRMF exam.



ISO 31000 DAY I
Risk management concepts as defined by ISO 31000: Introduction
  • The risk management vocabulary as defined by ISO 31000
  • The benefits of risk management to all organizations
  • The ISO 31000 Risk Management principles and how they influence the risk management framework and process
  • A test and review on the elements learnt during day I

ISO 31000 DAY II
The Risk Management framework and process according to ISO 31000
  • The risk management framework
  • The risk management process
  • Risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation and risk treatment
  • Risk assessment tools recommended in ISO 31010
  • Risk communication
  • Risk monitoring and review
  • A test and review on the elements studied during day II


Workshop and examination on ISO 31000 Risk Management
  • Practical workshop on implementing ISO 31000 in your organization
  • Testing your knowledge with sample exam questions
  • The official ISO 31000 Foundation exam


Speaker Details

The trainer of the ISO 31000 Risk Management training is an international Certified G31000 Risk Management instructor. G31000, the Global Institute for Risk Management Standards is an international NGO, promoting awareness on ISO 31000 worldwide.


Our trainer is a former Air Force pilot, Staff Officer and aircraft accident investigator. He occupied flying duties on F-16 as a fighter pilot and also Alpha Jet and SF260M as a flying training instructor. Additionally he served as a Squadron Commanding Officer (CO). As a staff officer, he took up duties in Training Command and the Aviation Safety Directory. He finished his career at NATO’s Allied Command Operations at SHAPE (Belgium), where he was involved in nuclear surety and command & control. He always took pleasure in improving situations and performance by dedicated action, while sharing and passing on his knowledge and expertise.

In 2008 he started a second career as an organisational and business coach, helping organisations, companies and teams to improve and excel. When issued in 2009, he immediately embraced ISO 31000 as a way to achieve this goal. Hence, our trainer was also a speaker at the first international conference on ISO 31000 in Paris (2012). As an author, together with a professor working at several Dutch and Belgian universities, he bundled his experience and ideas on leadership and management in a well received book in 2013.

Since September 2014, our trainer is also employed at a Dutch university, working as a PhD researcher for the Safety Sciences section of the Technology Policy and Management faculty. His work is about proactively achieving safety and excellent performance in the gas network industry.

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