New York Professional Events List

  • Fidelis Health Insurance

    <th class="twEventDetailLabel"><span>Description</span></th><td class="twEventDetailData"><p class="onlyp">Fidelis Care offers free or low...

    10 Apr 5:00 AM
  • Job Strategy Group

    DescriptionGet connected! The Job Strategy Group is an opportunity to explore successful job search strategies, ideas, best practices, share employment leads and to expand your...

    10 Apr 5:00 AM
  • Interviewing Techniques

    DescriptionDiscover effective, proven techniques to prepare you for tough job interviews. Practice with a short mock interview to help you prepare and strategize for future...

    10 Apr 5:00 AM
  • Intro to Social Media

    <th class="twEventDetailLabel"><span>Description</span></th><td class="twEventDetailData"><p class="onlyp">Get an understanding of social...

    10 Apr 5:30 AM
  • Basic Computer Training

    <th class="twEventDetailLabel"><span>Description</span></th><td class="twEventDetailData"><p class="onlyp">This workshop is designed for...

    10 Apr 6:00 AM
  • Advanced Resume Writing Workshop

    <th class="twEventDetailLabel"><span>Description</span></th><td class="twEventDetailData"><p class="firstp">This workshop is for people who...

    10 Apr 6:00 AM
  • Identifying Your Transferrable Skills

    <th class="twEventDetailLabel"><span>Description</span></th><td class="twEventDetailData"><p class="onlyp">What are transferrable...

    10 Apr 6:00 AM
  • 6th International Conference on Business and Economic Development (ICBED)

    6th International Conference on Business and Economic Development (ICBED) New York -USA, April 2017 Co-hosted by the Academy of Business and Retail Management (ABRM), UK...

    10 Apr 8:00 AM
  • Resumes: Your Personal Sales Pitch

    DescriptionResumes: Your Personal Sales Pitch Learn how to display your potential for the future by giving examples of past successes in your career! This workshop discusses the...

    10 Apr 9:00 AM
  • Williamsville Networking Group

    <th class="twEventDetailLabel"><span>Description</span></th><td class="twEventDetailData"><p class="onlyp">Take your networking skills to the...

    10 Apr 9:00 AM
  • Job Search Workshop

    DescriptionBe successful at applying for jobs online, learn the importance of completing online applications, post your resume to and manage your job search. Finding...

    10 Apr 9:00 AM
  • UX Class: UX Design Principles

    UX Class: UX Design Principles This UX course teaches essential user experience principles. It is the foundation of our UX classes. In this UX workshop participants: Discover...

    10 Apr 9:00 AM
  • Supplier Management for Medical Device Manufacturers

    Supplier selection and management is one of the critical issues for medical device manufacturers. Suppliers provide materials and services to the device manufacturer, which...

    10 Apr 9:00 AM
  • 14th International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations

    The International Conference on Information Technology - New Generations (ITNG) is an annual event focusing on state of the art technologies pertaining to digital information...

    10 Apr 9:00 AM
  • Assertiveness Training for Women in Business

    Speak out with confidence—while getting the respect you deserve Assertiveness techniques, when used effectively, can make almost every aspect of your job and life better—but...

    10 Apr 9:00 AM
  • Basic Resume- Resume Tips and Presentation

    <th class="twEventDetailLabel"><span>Description</span></th><td class="twEventDetailData"><p class="onlyp">Learn the basic component of a...

    10 Apr 10:00 AM
  • JobZone 101- Career Exploration Assessments

    <th class="twEventDetailLabel"><span>Description</span></th><td class="twEventDetailData"><p class="onlyp">Learn more about JobZone and how...

    10 Apr 10:00 AM
  • Resume Development Lab

    DescriptionThis workshop will help you format/arrange your resume, reword phrases and get something down on paper. It is held in the computer lab. You must have some knowledge...

    10 Apr 10:00 AM
  • Herkimer College Program Specialist

    DescriptionHerkimer College offers more than 40 associate degree programs and three certificates, as well as numerous non-credit courses (both online and in the classroom). The...

    10 Apr 10:00 AM

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Forbes Women's Summit 2018
Disrupt SF 2018 - Brought to you by Techcrunch
U.S. Naval Institute Annual Meeting 2018
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Children’s Health Fund
The World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)
                            Oct. 17-19, 2018
                            Charlotte, NC