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Time to Write: The Sunday Evening Writing Workshop

Oct 29, 2017 - 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
New York Writers Intensive
22 Saint Marks Place Apt. D New York, NY 10003,

New York,
ZIP: 10001

We are thrilled to present Time to Write: The Sunday Evening Writing Workshop. Every Sunday evening at 6:00pm, come write with us in the company of other writers!

The Sunday Evening Writing Workshop will inspire you in two ways:

  1. Force you to write. Jay will kick off the session by giving everyone a writing prompt. You’ll then have one hour to write silently based on the prompt or, if you feel inspired, to do writing for your current project.

  2. Provide instant feedback. You'll spend the second hour getting feedback on what you just wrote, followed by a final writing session informed by the feedback you just got.

"I got more writing done in those 45 minutes than I have in the last month." —Aaron

“Just having the time to write is so incredibly helpful.” Christina

So come join a fun and supportive community of creative people and kickstart your writing project! And please feel free to invite other people you think might be interested.

When: Every Sunday evening 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Where: 22 Saint Marks Place Apt. D, New York NY
Price: $20

Wine and coldbrew coffee will be served! Seats are limited, so RSVP to reserve your spot!

P.S. Please sign up for our 6-week storytelling class starting in April! Tickets are going fast, so save your seat while there’s still time: The Art of Storytelling: How to find your voice and captivate your audience.


“This is the most I’ve written in months. When I’m at home it’s like, I have to make this phone call or get a glass of water and then an hour goes by and I’ve only written a paragraph. Whereas here the timer starts and it’s like, ‘Oh crap, I actually have to write.’” —Pablo

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