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Brief History Of Bank Regulations And Overview Of FDICIA And SOX -BY AtoZ Compliance.

Aug 29, 2017 - 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
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AtoZ Compliance
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New Hyde Park,
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Ticket Price: Live webinar-$199
Key Take Away:

Attendees will: 

Analyze important milestones in the US banking history 
Appreciate links to past historical events
Compare and contrast economic and political events and how they shaped US banking
Master the purposes of key legislation 
Understand key events such as:
The barter system
Monetarizing gold and silver
Gersham’s Law
McCullough vs. Maryland Supreme Court Decision (1819)
Era of free banking (1836 to 1863)
Creation of the OCC
Dual banking
“Checkbook” money
 Depression of 1893
Financial panic of 1907
Crash of 1929
Deposit Insurance and creation of FDIC (1933)


The webinar identifies and explains historical events and legislative milestones. It especially focuses on two major recent legislative milestones: 

FDICIA of 1991
SOX of 2002
History covers:
First and Second Banks of the US
Failure to have a Third Bank of the US
Free banking
National banking
Dual banking
Depression and panic
Federal Reserve Act of 1913
Monetary Control Act of 1980
S&L crisis and bailout
Current environment
Latest crisis 
FDICIA of 1991 covers: 
FDIC insurance changes 
Restrictions on real estate lending
Improved capital standards and new capital classifications
Extension of credit to “insiders”
FDIC authority to take action
Enhanced examination process 
Accounting aspects of FDICIA
Audit committee issues 
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) of 2002 covers: 
The CPA and independence 
Audit partner rotation
Audit committee financial expert
SEC review of periodic disclosures by issuers 
PCAOB – new quasi-governmental inspectors
Internal control  

Why Should You Attend:

Participants should attend for the following reasons: 

To learn fundamentals that created the banking system of today
To understand pivotal points in history that changed the direction of banking
To dispel fears that banking is not logical and well thought out
To clarify mistaken beliefs about banking 
To comprehend the most important pieces of banking regulations
To focus on, SOX and FDICIA
To eliminate misconception that bank regulators are simply a bureaucratic nuisance 
To establish need for legislation that is the protective umbrella 
To broaden bank knowledge about key laws and regulations 
To understand internal control
To learn what significant changes fixed problems in banking 
To focus on real estate problems 
To understand need to expand capital levels
To comprehend basic FDICIA issues that set forth the foundation that later would be the underlying basics for Basel III 
To clarify confusion about loans to “insiders” 
To understand exactly what the FDIC can do to return entities to a sound capital footing
To review operational and managerial standards 
To understand the federal examination (audit) process 
To focus on accounting changes 
To learn about the expanded requirements of audit committees 
To compare the difference between FDICIA and SOX
To understand that SOX is not specifically banking related 
To focus on the significant changes in the CPA profession that were created by SOX
To comprehend new requirements of the SEC and the new PCAOB

Areas Covered In This Webinar:

This session emphasizes how banking events and bank regulations have made a significant impact on the overall US banking industry over the years. 

The session explores significant, industry-changing banking legislation that has occurred over the years such as the following laws: 

Federal Reserve Act of 1913
The Banking Act of 1933
The Monetary Control Act of 1980
Particular attention is placed on: 

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act of 1991 (FDICIA) 
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX)
The session explains and discusses important parts of those laws and how they affected and continue to affect bank internal controls and bank accounting. 

This session allows attendees to view their banking knowledge within the framework of key legislation in the industry. It shows how such legislation has changed the way we do banking in the US. 

From the early days of the country up to today the banking environment has gone through significant changes. When accountants, auditors, financial analysts and others involved in banking fully appreciate the existing banking environment and how it got to be that way, their job becomes easier with knowledge of past events in banking history.

The bank compliance training reviews the overview of US banking by focusing on the following periods in history:

The Beginnings
The First Bank of the US
The War of 1812
The Second Bank of the US 
The Era of Free Banking
National Banking
The Dual Banking System
The National Banking Problems
Depression and Panic
The Federal Reserve Act of 1913
The Collapse of the Financial Markets – 1929
The Banking Act of 1933
The Monetary Control Act of 1980
Savings Bank Legislation
The S&L Crisis and Government “Bailout”
FDICIA (detailed coverage)
SOX (detailed coverage)
The Current Environment
The latest crisis

Learning Objectives:

Learn about the history of banking in the US
Understand the events that lead to various pieces of legislation
Analyze the key laws that are in place and designed to regulate the banking
Comprehend how the cornerstone to much of the legislation is the attempt to “protect the public”
Analyze internal control issues and how those issues are impacted by FDICIA and SOX
Compare and contrast the difference between FDICIA and SOX
Appreciate the need for accountants, auditors, regulators and others to be aware of the overall purpose of significant bank legislative activity

Who Will Benefit;

Financial professionals in the banking industry (financial analysts, controllers, treasures etc.)
Internal auditors
External auditors
Legal personnel
Compliance personnel 
Risk managers

For more information, please visit :
Email: [email protected] 
Toll Free: +1- 844-414-1400
Tel: +1-516-900-5509

Speakers Profile:

Paul J. Sanchez
Paul J. Sanchez, CPA, CBA, CFSA, CGMA conducts a small CPA practice in Port Washington, New York. He is also the owner of Professional Service Associates (PSA), a consulting and professional training and development business servicing corporate clients (auditors, controllers, etc.), CPA firms, professional associations and others. He was an assistant professor at Long Island University - C.W. Post Campus as well as an adjunct lecturer at City University of New York. Prior to starting PSA, he was the Vice President-Professional Development for the Audit Division of a regional bank and Director of Professional Practices and Vice President of a money-center bank, where he directed the professional practice development and training for internal auditors. He also was on the technical staff of the Auditing Standards and Examinations Divisions of the AICPA. He practiced public accounting in the New York office of Deloitte where he also was a firm recruiter and in-house professional development instructor. He was an owner and auditing and accounting seminar leader for the Person/Wolinsky CPA Review Courses, a company that prepared candidates to pass the Uniform CPA Examination. He is a frequent lecturer and seminar leader for accounting, auditing, banking, risk assessment and other professional presentations. He is the author of the textbook, “Accounting Basics for Community Financial Institutions” (Financial Managers Society, 2nd edition, Chicago, 2009) and the “Ideas an Analysis Letter: The Sanchez Take” (see  As a contributing author, his chapter on ‘An Auditor’s Approach to Risk-Based Auditing: What to Audit and When,’ is included in the textbook, “Effective Auditing for Corporates: Key Developments in Practice and Procedures,” (Bloomsbury Information, Ltd, London, 2012).

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