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10th Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies Summit (EXL)S

Jan 29, 2018 - 08:00 AM - Jan 30, 05:30 PM
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Hilton Crystal City,

ZIP: 22202


10th Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies Summit

ExL Events is proud to announce the 10th anniversary of the Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies Summit. This event continues to attract the most elite professionals, hailing from branded and generic pharmaceutical and biotech companies with responsibilities in risk management. Over the past decade, REMS professionals have depended on this summit for comprehensive elucidation in achieving compliance and innovation in an evolving healthcare landscape.

We welcome you to witness firsthand why our event remains the conference of choice for REMS professionals. Our star-studded speaking faculty will arm you with the proven strategies to facilitate benefit-risk counseling, optimize REMS through health system integration, leverage technological advances and accomplish much more! The 10th REMS Summit provides you with the tools and methods to evaluate and improve a compliant REMS program, in order to improve patient safety and outcomes.

Top Five Reasons to Attend

  1. Fashion nimble structures for prompt risk identification and timely responses
  2. Evaluate your REMS program to determine the necessary methods to ensure compliance
  3. Assess patient safety and outcomes to refine REMS accordingly
  4. Determine solutions to integrate REMS with healthcare systems and pharmacies
  5. Promote patient outcomes by leveraging technological advances

Who Should Attend

This event is ideal for professionals from payers and pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • REMS
  • Risk Management
  • Pharmacovigilance/Surveillance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Drug/Product Safety
  • Clinical Risk Management
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Regulatory Affairs/Legal/Compliance
  • Clinical Affairs
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Risk Management Compliance
  • Epidemiology/Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Marketing

This conference is also of interest to:

  • Risk Safety and REMS Service Providers
  • Data Management Service Providers
  • Healthcare Information Marketing and Technology Providers
  • Dashboard and Metrics Service Providers
  • Law Firms
  • Consultancies

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Please contact the event manager Marilyn below for the following: 
- Discounts for registering 5 or more participants.
- If you company requires a price quotation.
Event Manager Contact: marilyn.b.turner(at)
You can also contact us if you require a visa invitation letter, after ticket purchase. 
We can also provide a certificate of completion for this event if required.

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The 10th REMS Summit agenda is currently in development. The following topics are under consideration for this event:


  • Learn the outlook and ramifications of structured product labeling
  • Ace your audit with relevant documentation, effective negotiation and tactical preparation
  • Compare and contrast the EMA’s RMP and the FDA’s REMS

REMS Implementation/Management

  • Expand a REMS program/harmonize REMS
  • Develop methods and metrics to assess REMS compliance
  • Gauge progress toward goals of REMS using eDashboards
  • Fashion nimble structures for prompt risk identification and timely responses


  • Assess REMS efficacy with proven methods and targeted metrics
  • Analyze outcome indicators and metrics to assess the benefits of REMS programs
  • Determine data collection criteria and methods for the optimal evaluation of REMS compliance
  • Develop metrics to measure the impact of communications
  • Improve the effects of risk minimization components through outcome indicator analysis

Collaboration and Change Management

  • Establish internal collaborations with effective structures for REMS implementation
  • Collaborate on a single shared REMS
  • Foster cultural change to improve safety and patient outcomes
  • Cultivate allies through a benefit-focused approach

Communication and Technology

  • Vet best practices for integration with healthcare providers
  • Learn tools and tactics to manage and monitor REMS
  • Identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls in communicating REMS
  • Leverage the advent of mobile devices and apps for your REMS program

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